Monday, June 27, 2011

Downloads Facebook Albums with a Single Click

As we know that facebook does not give us the option to download all the pictures of a album in one click. Does it mean that we have to download each and every picture of album separately. No, I have a freeware FireFox addon (Facepad) for you to save you from the trouble of downloading each and every picture.

Below is the Download link and tutorial on How to use FacePAD to download all Pictures from facebook Album

1. Open your Firefox browser and Download FacePAD


2. After the installation of the facepad addon is complete restart your firefox browser

3. Right Click on any facebook album name or link and you will get an option to Download Album With Facepad

4. Now it will ask for you to select a location where you would like to save the pictures.

5. Now, it will download all the pictures of the album and rename them sequentially

Great for sharing photos, but it's a bit of a hassle to download them in batches. FacePAD is a small Firefox extension that makes grabbing whole albums from Facebook a breeze.
We've covered applications that make it easy to grab all your pictures from Flickr, but what about Facebook? FacePAD makes short work of grabbing all the pictures from any album you have access to. Whether you want to download your own pictures, pictures from the album of a friend, or from an event album for an event you attended, FacePAD makes short work of it.
After installation, you simply right click on the link to any album, as seen in the screenshot above, and select Download Album with FacePAD. There is a hang time of a few seconds as it searches through the album and then it begins downloading. Because of the way Facebook structures its albums, if you're downloading from a large album, you'll have to click a little popup window when it shifts pages. Other than that extremely minor inconvenience, FacePAD is a great way to download and backup Facebook albums to your computer. FacePAD is free and works wherever Firefox does.

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