Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Install XP from USB with USB Multiboot 10

The Batch Program USB_MultiBoot.cmd can prepare a Bootable USB-Stick, which can be used to Install XP from USB. Install from USB-Drive is of general use, it's convenient and faster than installing from CD or DVD, but is limited to computers that are able to boot from USB, as determined by BIOS and Motherboard.

Updating and Changing an USB-stick is also easier than preparing a new Bootable CD or DVD. Install XP from USB is very useful when the computer does not have a optical drive, like e.g. ASUS Eee subnotebook.

Preparing a Bootable USB-Drive with USB_MultiBoot.cmd Involves:

Download Link: File1 or File2

* Format USB-stick like a Bootable Harddisk Drive with NTLDR BootSector
using PeToUSB or HP USB Format Tool
* Select from the Main Menu of USB_MultiBoot.cmd

Here's SS steps.

Installing XP from USB requires a Reboot from USB-Drive
and Select from Boot Menu: 1. Begin TXT Mode Setup Windows XP

As the world is being taken over by Netbooks. This may come in useful. Netbooks are great but they have no CD/DVD drive with this you can Install a full size version of any XP onto a USB drive. You can then install Windows XP to your Netbook over and over. This can be used on any PC though not just machines without CD/DVD drives Has instructions and also a 5min video tutorial. Your USB drive must be at least 1GB.


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