Thursday, September 15, 2011

The History Of BlackBerry

If you work for a large business, or even if you just like to have access to your mail on your mobile phone, then the odds are pretty high that you have either heard of Blackberry or you have owned one yourself. The Blackberry device is wireless and handheld, and it was originally introduced in 1999 to be used as a two way pager. In 2002, the Blackberry as we know it was born. It is a Smartphone that offers such features as push email, text messaging, web browsing, internet faxing, mobile telephone, and many other wireless informational services all on a multi touch interface. Blackberry is a perfect example of a convergent device. Blackberry and its technologies were developed by the Canadian company Research In Motion, otherwise known as RIM. This product is able to send and receive information over the wireless data networks used by mobile phone service companies. Blackberry really burst onto the scene with its email services which allowed corporate employees as well as regular consumers the ability to access their email anytime, anywhere, offing them a range of freedom that was much appreciated.

The company has even expanded its Blackberry email service in order to make it compatible with non blackberry devices such as Palm Treos and other PDAs. The first Blackberry devices had only monochromatic displays, but they have expanded their technology in order to provide customers with color-rich displays that seem to get better with every new release. The devices include all regular PDA functions, such as address books, calendars, and to-do lists, as well as regular phone capabilities. Generally, mobile phone providers can offer their customer plans that either includes just the blackberry internet service and no phone service, the phone service without any blackberry internet, or a package containing both. It depends on which mobile phone carrier you do business with. The modern Blackberry devices utilize an ARM 7 or 9 processor, while older models make use of Intel 80386 processors. The very latest GSM models including the 8100, 8300, and 8700 models have an included Intel PXA901 312 MHz processor, around 64 MB of flash memory, and usually 16 MB of SDRAM. RIM provides their customers with a proprietary multi tasking operational system for the Blackberry devices, and third party software developers are allowed to write software for the devices. Yahoo has an application called Yahoo! Go to optimize the Yahoo browsing experience on Blackberry.

The company has seen explosive growth since its original release of Blackberry devices, and subscribers have reached over 20 million in 2008. While the company continues to release new versions of the blackberry, it is still commonplace to see consumers using older versions because of their quality and durability. In recent years it seems that Blackberry devices have focused more on the visual aspect, working to make Blackberry devices available in a wide range of colors, and also working to make the devices smaller and more compact. The release of the Blackberry Pearl was a turning point for the company, as it was offering customers a brand new style that was instantly accepted by Blackberry lovers everywhere. Though not without their troubles over the years, the future of RIM and Blackberry seems to grow brighter each year. Recently, they released the first blackberry that flips closed; allowing customers who always wanted a blackberry but avoided it because of its open design to finally take advantage of all that RIM and Blackberry have to offer.

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