Thursday, September 15, 2011

The History Of MySpace

After Friendster was released in 2002, some eUniverse employees came together and decided to copy the more popular features of the website.  The first version of MySpace was ready for launch ten days after they decided to do this.  The MySpace start-up team had everything under control when they first launched.  The MySpace project was overseen by Brad Greenspan, who was eUniverse’s founder and CEO. He managed Chris De Wolfe, who was MySpace’s managing CEO, Josh Berman, Tom Anderson, who was president, and a team of programmers provided by eUniverse.
The first users of MySpace were eUniverse employees.  The company started a contest for the employees to see who could sign up the most users.  After eUniverse had reached 20 million users on MySpace, they used them to put life into the network and make it number one.  Toan Nguyen was a key architect and technology expert who helped MySpace to become what it is today. was a brand associate with  By 2004 made the transition from a storage site to a social-networking site. After the site had launched, Chris De Wolfe wanted to start charging a fee for the MySpace service.  Brad Greenspan disagreed, he believed that keeping the site free was what would make it large and successful.
EUniverse was purchased in July of 2005 for $580 million.  Rupert Murdoch’s News corporation, who is the owner of Fox Broadcasting and other media enterprises, was the buyer.  Of the $580 million, $327 million dollars was added to the current value of MySpace.  One of MySpace’s goals is to release versions of the network for multiple countries.  They have already launched a UK version and one in China.
MySpace nowadays is a social networking website.  People sign up for an account and create their own personal profile.  There is a user-submitted network of friends, blogs, photographs, music, and videos.  Its main audience is teenagers and young adults.
MySpace shares an office building with its owner, Fox Interactive Media, in Beverly Hills, California.  Fox Interactive Media is owned by News Corporation whose headquarters are in New York City.  In 2006 MySpace was the most popular social networking website in the U.S.A.  MySpace was overtaken in 2008 by its competitor Facebook.  The 100 millionth account for MySpace was created on August 6, 2006.
Throughout the course of 2007 and 2008, MySpace made many changes in the layout and function of the site.  The user’s home page was the first function that was redesigned.  They added new features such as applications, status updates, and subscriptions.  Facebook had many different and better functions then MySpace, so  MySpace had to catch up.  In 2008 the MySpace home page was designed into a simpler layout that was more appealing to the eye.  MySpace music was also recreated in the fall of 2008.  More updates are expected to be seen in 2009 to bring forth a completely advanced MySpace  for the next decade.

Here are some of the features of a personal profile on MySpace. Moods A person picks an icon to display which type of mood they are in.

Blurbs, blogs, multimedia There are two blurbs, “Who I’d like to meet” and "About Me."  In addition, profiles contain an "Interests" section and a "Details" section. In the "Details" section, "Status" and "Zodiac Sign" fields always display. However, if members do not fill them in, they will not show. Profiles also contain a blog. The blog has standard fields for content, emotion, and media. Uploading images is another content on Myspace. One of the images can be chosen to be the "default image,” the image chosen is the one that will be seen on the profile's main page, search page, and as the image that will appear to the side of the user's name on comments and messages.

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