Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hack Computer With Ardamax Keylogger v3.8.9

Hello, today we are going learn that how to hack any Computer with Ardamax Keylogger v3.8.9? I said hack any Computer it means we can get screenshots, webcam images, chat logs, web logs etc so it is not only hacking email accounts but also getting information about your victim's activities. So for this definitely we need Ardamax Keylogger, first Download it.

1. Now after download it's time to install it, open "Ardamax Keylogger v3.8.9.exe" from the downloaded file. Click "I Agree" button.

2. After clicking "I Agree" button, click "Next" button.

3. Then click on "Install" button.

4. Then installation will start after clicking "Next" button in the previous step after automatic installation just uncheck one box and click "Finish" as shown in picture.

5. After installation you'll see a new icon in the taskbar just like a notepad and pen. So now we'll setup this keylogger with some manual settings. Right click on that icon and click on "Remote Installation..." And you can also see another option "Enter registration key..." click on it to make it register to work properly, use this info to register:

Name: Popescu Marian
Serial: 083A-E649-5E15

6. A window will appear just click on "Next" then you'll see a window with some options leave default just take a look at check box with option of appending means if you want to merge with or bind this keylogger virus (trojan) with any file like document, picture or even video file then you have to check the box and click Browse button to browse your requested file, we are not appending in the tutorial but it is up to you.

7. Leave all option default these are perfect options that we can use and click on "Next >" button.

8. Then you'll see window where you can setup a password for this trojan or virus, again it is up to you not really needed but good to have. If you want to setup a password then click on "Enable" button and follow steps and click on "Next >" button.

9. After that you can set combination of keys for your trojan it is recommended to change it because "Ctrl + Shift + Alt + H" are default combination of keys and don't check the box about "Self  Destruct Date" if you want to receive logs from your victims for unknown time or infinite time. Then click "Next >"

10. Then a new window will appear check the box "Send logs every" and set the time about getting logs, delivery method i prefer "Email" & "FTP" in this tutorial i'm using "Email" it works, set the log format to "HTML (web page)", and then check what you want to receive to your email or ftp account like screenshots, keystroke logs, chat logs etc. Next option is up to you that you can set the limit of data size to get logs but i recommend to uncheck this and then click "Next >" button.

11. Then you have to put your email account information just follow the picture remember to click on "Test" button to see it is working or not if you get error about connection refusing to something like that then just click on arrow button next to "Security" and select "None" instead of "SSL". When you type of email address it will automatically insert all other fields except password field.

12. Just leave all settings as default but if you want to edit then select anything that you wan to set and click on "Settings..." and after setting just click "OK" button and then click "Next >" button.

13. Now it will ask you about screenshots settings just click "Next >" or if you want to set it manually then do it what are you waiting for, then click "Next >" button.

14. Then again it will ask about images taken from webcam just leave it default or set it as you want then click "Next >" button.

15. Then it will ask you about destination where you want to save it in your PC and you can also change default icon just click on "Change icon..." button and select any icon and click "OK" button then click "Next >" button.

16. At last just click on "Finish" button and then a pop-up will appear as show in picture just click "OK". And it will open the folder where you saved your trojan or virus just send that virus to any victim and start receiving keystroke logs, chat logs, screenshots, webcam images etc to your email which is used in making virus or trojan.

Still you have any question or trouble about this tutorial then reply to this post.


  1. my webcam and screen shot feature is disabled...how to retrive it??

  2. try to reinstall the program then enable the feature.

  3. in 16th point u hav wrote that "send that virus to any victim" but keylogger is example of physical hacking, hacker should have physical access to victim pc.
    can u explain plz :)

  4. Bro, SSL problem while testing to send the email. How?