Tuesday, December 06, 2011

How To Create Your Own Network Cable


Hi, I want to show you how easy it is to create your own network cable with just some tools you can easily get from the local computer store.
Below is the tools you're going to need to crimp your own network cables.

 Tools for creating network cable

Step 1

First slide in the boots to the cable, you only need the boots if you want to make your cables look more professional, you can skip using these if you want.

Step 2

Strip the cable jacket using the cable stripper, then untwist the cables and arrange them according to the color codes that I'll show you below.

Color Codes

Here are the color codes I was talking about, you can see there are two color codes, the first is the T568A and T568B.
Rule of thumb if you want to connect same devices such as switch to switch, router to router, PC to PC, and PC to router, you should use different color codes at each end. For example you should use one end with T568A and the other end with T568B. This is called the crossover cable.
If you want to connect different devices such as router to switch, switch to PC you should both end with the same color codes. This is called the straight-through cable.

Personally I like to use the T568B color codes for both ends.



Step 3

Cut the cables so it conform to the length of the RJ45 jack, then slide in the jack to the cables, make sure you don't change the arrangement of the color codes.

Slide the RJ45 jack all the way in like shown in the picture, dont let any cable exposed between the cable jacket and the jack. This is to prevent interference when sending data between computers.

Step 4

Start crimping your cable, insert the jack all the way in to the crimping tool, make sure you insert it well.
Squeeze the tool until you hear a sound, you can be sure you crimp the jack right if all the yellow copper that you can see in the jack are inserted well.

Below I give you pictures to differentiate between the crimped and not crimped RJ45 jack.

 Crimp the cable using crimping tool 

Not crimped RJ45 jack 

 Crimped RJ45 Jack 


There you have it, you only need to slide back the boot to the right place and crimp the other end of the cable and you can have the network cable as I show you at the beginning of this article.


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