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Wazzub – Great Concept or Scam? Review of Wazzub MLM

What is Wazzub?

Wazzub is a start-up company that claims to be a global community which has been created by handful of entrepreneurial individuals and investors who have come together with a dream to compete with search engine giants like Google and Yahoo. The company GIT Global Investments, Inc (GIT) is registered under the laws of Oregon to serve the purpose of running Wazzub and related businesses. You may not see much information or elaborated marketing about the company as of today.
Wazzub claims to be global neighborhood paying their customers to convert Wazzub as large as our existing search engines like Google and Yahoo. Wazzub is going to share 50% of revenue that it earns with the pre-launch members who help to create its network of users through internet referral marketing. It is also known as profit sharing phenomenon that will go viral starting with $0 (zero dollar) buy-in to start referring people to the concept.

The fact is that website in not yet launched and is under pre-launch stage. The launching date is 1st of April, 2012 but this date may be pushed back as this might scare people sharing the launching day with the April fool day. Do not stop reading just assuming Wazzub as a scam or joke, there is lot of interesting information in this article. You can find more info even on Official Wazzub site here. for more info just click here

Review of Wazzub

The primary concept that has been reviewed describes Wazzub as profit sharing business model that gives unlimited earning opportunity to their free members (members joined in pre-launch phase) who help them to spread their word to strengthen their network. If you can share Wazzub concept with your friends and family and encourage them to share the same in their network then there is huge potential to earn money on this site. It is just the matter of time. On 12th April, the search engine will get live and free pre-launch members will start making money.

Detailed webinars and tutorial will be given to free members to create Wazzub as right home page. Few new developments like news, updates, entertainment, movies, video games and greatest online deals will be incorporated once the website becomes mature enough after initial launch. The feature updates will be released on 1st July 2012 to target much more capability to monetizing the project. After reading Wazzub review, if you think it may be a good opportunity, you can join Wazzub Here

Why Wazzub is not a scam

Majority of people believe Wazzub as not a scam concept because its lifetime free. Wazzub is promoting it as a profit sharing internet company. If we consider this as real then there are lots of businesses out on internet who announces their profit to be shared among the users who use their services. This may not be novel concept as lot of business run on this model. But when we consider Wazzub as search engine who intend to stand out in the race with Google and Facebook then the profit sharing concept is new and tempting. It is true that power of earning money is tremendous and this is one of the reasons for Google and Facebook who keep all profit in their pockets are placed in top list.

It is not only Wazzub but any start-up company has potential to fail for multiple reasons. If the company pass through its pre-launch and launch with the capability to stand as a mature website with millions of users then nobody will need to ask more about Wazzub. While looking at the risk/return ratio of your investment with Wazzub then it is 100% free for members who join before launching date. Hence there is zero financial risk to the members who help to build network. The only investment is your time that you will spend inviting family and friends. If the Wazzub happens to fails, you will still have your network of family and friends on Wazzub. So, nobody can clearly describe Wazzub as a scam.

Before couple of years, even Google and Facebook may be doubted by lot of people worldwide as scam or real.

Wazzub Concept and Plan

According to Wazzub, you can make merely tremendous to set yourself financially secured for rest of your life. You have massive potential to earn residual income each month doing nothing. It is as simple as more free members you invite; more is the money that you can earn.

Wazzub Concept

Google and Yahoo, two search engine giants have one billion unique users using their services without paying it. These giants make millions of dollars each month by simply displaying ads and special offers on their site. It implies that they earn about $1 per each unique user for each month. In turn, they do not share their profit among their users. Wazzub utilizes the same concept as Google and Yahoo with the only difference that it will share its profits to the members who join before its launch. Wazzub follows state-of–art business model with patent-pending technology.

Wazzub in its pre-launch phase is creating a huge buzz with an intention to attract as many as users which will ultimately attract advertisers to spend money on advertising platform. Wazzub is going to share 50% of its profit towards shareholders and traders who have invested in the project, and rest 50% will be shared among free members who use Wazzub search engine as homepage. So, Wazzub as a new player in the game, instead of spending huge amount of money on advertising it prefers to share their profit to those who spread their word. Hence, it has brought novel and brilliant WIN-WIN concept for EVERYONE involved.

Wazzub Plan

Wazzub describes your earning opportunity as below:
You can earn $1 per each individual in your “unlimited” width * 5 generations Wazzub family. Calculate how much you can earn:
You invite just 5 members to join for free membership. Again these 5 members do the same for 5 generations deep. This means you can earn following amount from:
  • 1st. Generation 5 x $1.00 = $5.00
  • 2nd. Generation 25 x $1.00 = $25.00
  • 3rd. Generation 125 x $1.00 = $125.00
  • 4th. Generation 625 x $1.00 = $625.00
  • 5th. Generation 3125 x $1.00 = $3,125.00
You can earn around $3,905 each month which is simply passive income for doing nothing. The earning figure that is shown above is just inviting 5 people; imagine earning potential if every member can invite 10 people. Your passive earning potential will simply explode to $111,110.00 each month.

The best part comes here: each member can invite unlimited people. Try to invite 20 or 30 people and imagine. It is sure that your imagination will definitely blow your mind. It is truly said that sky is the limit for money making opportunity with Wazzub.

You will definitely agree with the point that concept and plan goes well with the tagline “Together we activate the power of We!”.

Why you should join Wazzub?

If you were asked to 10 years ago to join Google or Facebook to earn 50% of the profit that they earn through ads each month would you have said YES? Probably, you would have said NO with the reason that it might be a scam or joke or the idea that never works. Now after 10 years when Google has actually earned the profit you would think back and regret with your family and friends for not joining the business opportunity. Isn’t it? Today, every time you happen to see Google or Facebook as the first website as soon as any individual turn their PC on.

Now, do you see why it is imperative that you will not repeat a mistake with Wazzub with the reason not to give same reply 1 year down the line to your family and friends for the mistake of not choosing Wazzub after knowing your role and passive money making opportunity? For any reason if Wazzub happens to fail then you will still have your network with you without any risk of losing even a single dime as it is 100% free. Join Wazzub here.

JOIN NOW - click Wazzub is brilliant and special… Be the part of Wazzub family!!!


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